Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Hindu Maha Sabha is scheduled for the Sunday 18th March 2018 at 09:00 am, at the seat of the Sabha, Corner Poudriere and Felicien Mallefille Streets, Port Louis.


1. Reading and Approval of the last Annual General Meeting notes
2. President's report
3. Treasurer's report
4. Estimates for the year 2018
5. Nomination of Honorary President and Vice-President
6. Nomination of Two Auditors
7. Election of 15 executive Committee Members

The following people have expressed their interest for standing for the election, as at 09th March 2018 noon, which was deadline date for standing as candidate:
1. AUDIT Dharmajay
2. BHURUTH Dipanarainsingh
3. DABEESING Bhagwansing
4. DHUNPUTH Charanjeetsingh
5. GOWREESUNKER Dr. Baboo Chandraduthsing
6. GUDDOYE Dhuneshwarsing
7. GUNGADIN Premchand
8. HURYNAG Gooroodeosing
9. JANKEE Takorparsadsing
10. JANNA NAIKENY Mooneesing
11. KETARUTH Jeevan
12. MISHRA DABY Vidyadhar
13. NUCKCHADEE Yogiswar
14. RAJKOOMAR Nidesh
15. RAMCHURN Jhoolunsing
16. RAMNATH Loomaswaranath
18. TOTARAM Bishalsing